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n2u Stealth has been featured in several national magazines and catalogs over the past 5 years and has been shown on television in several shows dealing with sexuality in the US, Canada and France. n2u is a fresh citrus scented unisex spray. Combining both sex attractants amplifies opposite sex response rate for maximum results. Don't settle for imitations, get the real thing.

New Generation Labs is one of the oldest producers of pheromones in the US. Every pheromone batch is tested for concentration and purity through MSGC prior to final compounding into Pheroxan™, insuring pharmaceutical grade pheromone quality. See batch chemical graph here.

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“Pheromone” comes from the Greek words Pheran– to transfer and Horman– to excite. Pheromones are naturally occurring odorless chemical messenger compounds found in all insects, animals, and humans. When pheromones are secreted they dictate behavior and attract the opposite sex. All animals and insects emit pheromones to attract mates, alert one another of danger and so on. Today, insect pheromones are commonly used by entomologists to attract or entrap insects. It is also reported that pheromones secreted by some could attract mates from a distance exceeding 10 miles, hence possibly, the term “animal magnetism”.

Research has shown in clinical experiments that human pheromones trigger a subconscious response in exposed subjects. One experiment conducted at the University of Kentucky showed that women exposed to pheromone-sprayed photographs of men found them to be more attractive than those which weren't. The same experiment, which was conducted with men exposed to female pheromones, produced similar results. What all of the research shows is that people do not “smell” pheromones, but detect them through the vemeronasal (VNO) system. The VNO system appears to consist of a small receptor in the nose that leads to a network of nerves in the brain, going to the hypothalamus which is the center in the brain that controls one's basic drives and emotions.

About n2u phermones header

When wearing n2u Stealth, strangers may become noticeably friendlier and more relaxed around you. Some of them may confide in you or even make physical contact during conversation by placing a friendly hand on your shoulder or bumping into you. This incredibly arousing scent will not only make you seem more attractive and interesting, but will lead to greater opportunity in every aspect of your life. This is possible by the active ingredient Pheroxan's ability to override negative bias and emotion and generate a deep, instinctive turn-on.

"I wore n2u while going out with my husband to the restaurant. As soon as we walked into the place, I noticed that I was getting looks from men, especially from a gentleman at the back of the room. He kept looking intently for quite a while which upset my husband.

I had never had such an experience before. I think that you are onto something great".

- Vivian B., Miami, Florida

"I decided to put on n2u to see if this stuff really works. I went out with three of my friends to a local bar. A lady I had never met before started a conversation with me and sat at our table next to me for a couple of hours, I could feel her intense interest in me which was quite an unusual experience. When my friends and I decided to leave she expressed interest in leaving with me, and got upset when I declined her request. I must admit that I am relatively good looking, however I had never caused such blatant attraction in anyone before. n2u is truly amazing. I'm looking forward to more fun times. n2u is now my secret weapon".

- Chris T. Lynchburg, Virginia

"I am a home alarm systems salesman, since using n2u, I noticed that my customers tend to be more friendly and accepting of my suggestions. As a consequence, my sales have gone up about 20%. I would have never thought that by simply using a fragrance I could improve my quality of life but now I do. I recommend n2u to anyone who is in sales".

- Darryl H. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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